Shiba Inu News: This Might Be The Reason Behind Shiba Inu Price drop

Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem update

Shiba Inu News: Shiba Inu, the world’s second largest meme crypto is trading under massive selling pressure over the past few weeks. However, recent updates from the SHIB ecosystem have kept SHIBarmy morales high amid the recent crypto downturn.

Whale behind Shiba Inu coin price drop?

As per the LookonChain, a whale address moved around 200 billion Shiba Inu coin (approx worth $1.67 million) to on Monday. However, just after 5 hours of this mega transfer, Shiba Inu price dropped by big 7%.

Data depicts that Shiba Inu coin whales a good amount of money over this transaction. Tracker reported that the crypto whale bought around 15.29 Trillion SHIB tokens with 10 Ethereum (approx worth $3,795). This whale acquisition was recorded on August 7, 2020.

It added that the whale then made 1967 Ethereum (approx worth $7 million) by trading on SHIB on the Uniswap platform. The crypto whales went on trading Shiba Inu on Centralised exchanges after SHIB got listed on Binance,, and more.

LookonChain mentioned that the whale might have made a profit of more than $85 million. It highlighted that if the whale buys the Shiba Inu coin when it received the tokens and went to sell at the price when transferring out the same out amount of tokens.

Will SHIB price drop more ahead?

However, the whale is reportedly an expert in buying Shiba Inu at a lower price and selling them at a price surge. Meanwhile, the Crypto whale is still holding 3.33 trillion Shiba Inu Coin (approx worth $28 million).

On the market side, Shiba Inu price is down by 11% in the last 7 days. SHIB is trading at an average price of $0.000008, at the press time. Meanwhile, its 24 hour trading volume is up by 52% to stand at $196.7 million. However, Shiba Inu Coin is still the second largest meme token with a market cap of around $4.7 billion.

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