Ripple CTO Hits Back Vitalik’s Comment On XRP

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XRP News: Ripple CTO David Schwartz has criticized Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin for misrepresenting Ripple’s nati XRP. Schwartz slammed Buterin for failing to understand or pretending to be unaware of the distinction between Ripple and XRP.

David Schwartz claims Vitalik pretends not to understand XRP

Earlier in the podcast, Vitalik Buterin said,

“XRP has not apologized for claiming that Bitcoin and Ethereum are controlled by the Chinese.”

Ripple responded to this post by saying,

“All this time, and he still doesn’t understand, or pretends not to understand, that Ripple is a company and XRP is a digital asset. He believes XRP has the ability to say things.”

As part of its legal defense against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Ripple lawyers asserted that Bitcoin and Ethereum are under Chinese control. According to previous reports, John Deaton criticized the Ethereum co-comments founders as being insensitive to XRP holders, particularly those who had no knowledge of Ripple prior to the SEC case.

The ripple tokens community is not new to these kinds of stories, and it has frequently been necessary to clarify the distinction between Ripple, the business, and the XRP Ledger. It is a decentralized network used by Ripple, institutions, and retail investors. Despite being one of the first cryptocurrencies, ripple tokens are still widely misunderstood, as Deaton pointed out in November.

Earlier Cardano’s Founder called it toxic

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently claimed that the community and XRP have no technical value. Also, they both are “toxic and petty.” He added that he had nothing to do with ripple tokens and would no longer comment on matters pertaining to Ripple.

Despite the long history of the project, many people are still unsure of the connection between Ripple and XRP. For businesses and institutions, Ripple is a company that develops software, crypto solutions, and a payments infrastructure. The native cryptocurrency of the open-source, decentralized blockchain technology known as XRP Ledger (XRPL).

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