Report: Nigerian Security Agency Seeks to Arrest Central Bank Governor on Charges of Funding Terrorists

The Nigerian security agency, the Department of State Services (DSS), has reportedly instructed its operatives to arrest the Central Bank of Nigeria governor Godwin Emefiele as soon as he is seen in public. The DSS is still seeking to apprehend Emefiele despite losing its bid to have a Nigerian court sanction the arrest.

Nigerian Court Refuses to Back Arrest Plot

As the controversy surrounding the failed arrest of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor Godwin Emefiele continues to hog the limelight, a new report by Sahara Reporters said operatives from Nigeria’s Department of State Services (DSS) have an order to “arrest him on sight.” In addition, the report, which relies on the testimony of unnamed sources, said operatives are also monitoring movements at the CBN headquarters as well as at the Emefiele family residence in Lagos.

As explained in the report, the DSS’ unconfirmed plan to arrest Emefiele, who was part of Muhammadu Buhari’s entourage to the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, came a few weeks after a Nigerian High Court judge, John Tsoho, turned down the security agency’s bid to have the CBN governor arrested. In his judgment, Tsoho reportedly slammed the DSS for attempting to use a deceptive lawsuit “to deprive a person [Emefiele] of his liberty.”

Opponents of CBN’s Cashless Policy Want Emefiele Removed

However, the court’s ruling has seemingly not stopped the DSS from seeking to arrest Emefiele, whom it accuses of funding terrorists. Rumors suggesting that the DSS still wants to arrest the official have reportedly forced the CBN governor to avoid public gatherings including a scheduled appearance before Nigerian legislators.

“Emefiele has refused to return to Nigeria claiming heart ailment. He was supposed to return to Nigeria yesterday after travelling with [President Muhammadu] Buhari to the US-Africa Leadership Summit in Washington DC,” an unnamed source reportedly said.

The source also speculated that Emefiele will continue playing hide and seek with the DSS before eventually leaving his position as CBN governor.

Meanwhile, a report by Legit suggested that Emefiele’s troubles with the DSS are instigated by politicians dissatisfied with the CBN’s decisions, including the recent introduction of new naira banknotes. Another report speculated that the DSS plot to arrest the CBN governor is being backed by groups opposed to the central bank’s cashless policy.

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